Phase 2 IMAAGEN Trial Results Promising

ryancharlessml“The IMAAGEN trial is a phase 2 study in patients who are in an earlier stage of disease than the COU-AA-302 trial. These are patients who have castration-resistant prostate cancer, but no metastases. Lethal prostate cancer is the confluence of castration-resistant disease and metastases, so these patients have only one of those problems.

IMAAGEN showed a 90 plus percent response to abiraterone in terms of PSA decline, which looks very encouraging. The other encouraging news is that we used a lower dose of prednisone (5 mg vs 10 mg); that is something that may of interest in terms of supporting the longer-term use of abiraterone with a low dose of corticosteroids, which may be desirable for some patients.”
—Charles J. Ryan, MD