Conversation with Experts

Early Identification of Metastatic Disease in Prostate Cancer: RADAR Group Recommendations

An Interview with E. David Crawford, MD, and Daniel P. Petrylak Please expand on the current lack of consensus regarding eligibility criteria, type of imaging modality, and frequency of scanning, particularly for M0 CRPC patients. Dr. Crawford: The transition to metastatic disease in men with prostate cancer is a seminal event in the management of these patients. Recent data suggest ... Read More »

Antigen Spreading and Immune-Based Therapies: An Interview with the National Cancer Institute’s James L. Gulley

Let’s start with the basic question: how are immunotherapies different from other classes of anti-cancer agents? James L. Gulley, MD, PhD: To understand why immunotherapeutic agents might produce different outcomes than those expected for other modalities, we need to first lay a foundation for understanding how exactly these agents are different. It’s important to note that therapeutic vaccines, unlike conventional ... Read More »